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Electrical Connectors for Your Most Critical Applications

Seal-Connect® electrical connectors are pressure-rated in extreme conditions and outperform traditional glass to metal connectors. With significant weight savings, optimized electrical properties, and a durable internal seal, our electrical connector portfolio can perform in a wide range of critical applications in the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Subsea industries.

Using advanced thermoplastic solutions, such as Arlon 3000XT®, Seal-Connect® has proven performance at extreme temperatures with enhanced mechanical and electrical properties.

Fiber Optic Connectors for Your Most Critical Applications

The Seal-Connect® portfolio includes high-performance fiber optic solutions like connectors, feedthroughs, cables, adapters, and dust caps. With patented fiber sealing technology, Seal-Connect® fiber optic solutions perform in critical applications like commercial aerospace vision systems, defense aircraft carriers, subsea pressure control systems, and ROV monitoring equipment.  For harsher environments, Greene Tweed's Fiber Optic Extreme solutions provide an optical connection system that protects data transmission under extreme pressures and temperatures.

Seal-Connect® Resources

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