Greene Tweed kündigt Vertriebspartnerschaft mit Raycom Engineering Systems an

Lansdale, PA – Greene Tweed recently announced a channel partnership agreement with Raycom Engineering Systems – part of the Wafi Group – to better service customers within The United Arab Emirates and Oman with Sealing Systems, Structural and Engineered Components, Seal-Connect® Electrical Connectors, and Chemraz® FFKM Perfluoroelastomer.

Under this channel partnership arrangement, Raycom will serve as Greene Tweed’s exclusive distributor for product offerings to customers based in United Arab Emirates and Oman with Greene Tweed’s award-winning products and brands: Chemraz® FFKM; Fusion FKM; Fluoraz® FEPM; Xyfluor®; Arlon® PEEK; Avalon® Fluoropolymers; AR®; ONX®; Orthtek®; WR®; Xycomp®

Raycom Engineering Systems provides services to the Oil & Gas industry in the Middle East specializing in precision engineered products and sealing technology for upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

Greene Tweed's Regional Manager for Northern Europe and the Middle East, Stuart Moares said, "Raycom Engineering Systems is well positioned to deliver unique solutions for Greene Tweed customers through its extensive distribution network in the region. We are constantly looking for opportunities to better serve our customers and are thrilled to announce the continuing partnership with Raycom.

We have enjoyed tremendous success in the region over the years and are excited to continue our journey as part of the Raycom family. As Greene Tweed expands further into Oilfield and desalination processes, this partnership will enhance our presence within these areas - allowing us to grow regionally and beyond."

For additional information about Greene Tweed's partnership with Raycom, contact Greene Tweed at +1.281.765.4500. Visit our website at

Über Greene Tweed

Greene Tweed is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastics, composites, and engineered components. Greene Tweed verfügt über mehr als 150 Jahre Erfahrung mit technischem und kaufmännischen Fachwissen in einer Vielzahl von Märkten und arbeitet zusammen mit seinen Kunden an der Entwicklung technischer Lösungen, die höchste Leistungsanforderungen erfüllen und die Gesamtbetriebskosten senken.