Greene Tweed kündigt Channel-Partnerschaft mit Pacific Mechanical Supply für Produkte der Energiebranche an

Greene Tweed has announced a channel partnership with Pacific Mechanical Supply (PacMech) for the sale and distribution of all their Energy products in the upstream, midstream, downstream, and power generation markets.

PacMech specializes in application-based solutions for fluid sealing and fluid handling, and will be Greene Tweed’s exclusive channel partner for southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

PacMech is a specialty distributor for process industry products, including power generation, petrochemical processing, oil and gas production and refining, water treatment, food and beverage manufacturing, and pharmaceutical processing.

Aufbauend auf mehr als 25 Jahren Erfahrung in der Energiebranche arbeitet Greene Tweed mit seinen Kunden zusammen an der Entwicklung innovativer Lösungen, die höchste Leistungsanforderungen erfüllen und die Gesamtbetriebskosten senken.

“PacMech’s 56-year history of supporting a wide-range of fluid sealing and fluid handling products and Greene Tweed’s industry-leading Energy portfolio of materials and engineered solutions will ensure a partnership that is responsive to our Southwestern U.S. customers in all Energy markets”, said Carla Lopez-Hodoyan, VP Sales & Commercial Operations at Greene Tweed.

"The PacMech team is thrilled about discovering solutions for our customers with the Greene Tweed lineup of innovative products and compounds", said Todd Fowler, President, Pacific Mechanical Supply. "The trust that PacMech has built into our customer relationships will be strengthened by the reputation that Greene Tweed has earned with top-quality products and designs."

For additional information about Greene Tweed’s partnership with PacMech, contact Greene Tweed at +1.281.765.4500, or visit our website at

Über Greene Tweed

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