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Ready for the Future of Clean Energy

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With over 200 engineers working across three continents, we have the expertise and knowledge to support your hydrogen power applications.

We believe the hydrogen economy isn't just the future --- it's happening now. We are ready to bring our solutions to the valves, compressors, electrolysers, and fuel cells, and any other equipment that run the hydrogen power industry.

We lead in the design and development of sealing solutions that take on challenging and extreme environments. Our materials and products are capable of keeping emissions low and purity high across a range of temperatures and pressures.

Expert Application Engineering

Take On Extreme Conditions


Keep fugitive emissions low to stay safe when working with hydrogen. We build our solutions out of the strongest materials to secure your hydrogen processing:


  • Avalon® 56 V-stacks made from low permeability, high purity modified PTFE

RGD-resistente Dichtungen


  • Fusion® 665 O-rings made from high performance FKM for low temperature services


Meet Supply Demands


Compressors are critical to the safe transport of hydrogen needed to meet the rise in demand. Our engineers recommend the following solutions for hydrogen compressors:


RGD Resistant Seals

  • Fusion® 938 O-rings made from high performance FKM


  • Fusion® 665 O-rings made from high performance FKM for low temperature services

Piston rings, Rider bands, & Valve plates

  • Arlon® 3000XT quervernetztes PEEK mit geringer Permeabilität und erhöhter Tg
  • WR® 600 – composites for non-lubricated environments
  • Avalon® 56 modifiziertes PTFE mit geringer Permeabilität und hoher Reinheit


RGD Resistant Seals

  • Fusion® 938 O-Ringe aus hochleistungsfähigem FKM
  • MSE® federunterstützte Lippendichtungen für extreme Temperaturen und Drücke
  • GT® Ring for extreme pressures and RGD resistance

Light-weight Impellers

  • Xycomp® carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite with high strength-to-weight ratio


  • Arlon® 4020 PEEK with customized flexible tooth profile to reduce gaps

Durable Metering Solutions


We know about the problems caused by exposure to leakage issues when metering hydrogen. That's why our engineers designed innovative solutions to make sure your instruments stay safe and durable:

RGD-resistente Dichtungen


  • Fusion® 665 O-Ringe aus hochleistungsfähigem FKM für den Einsatz bei niedrigen Temperaturen

Drive the Hydrogen Economy

Elektrolyseure und Brennstoffzellen

Solve challenges from material outgassing, chemical compatibility, and degradation of mechanical properties. Our materials for fuel cells and electrolysers perform in extreme environments:

Arlon® 3000XT

  • Verbesserte chemische Beständigkeit gegenüber Standard-PEEK
  • Beibehaltung der mechanischen Eigenschaften von Standard-PEEK bei höheren Temperaturen
  • Permeabilität 200X niedriger als bei Standard-PEEK


  • Außerordentliche chemische Verträglichkeit
  • Geringe Ausgasungseigenschaften
  • Hochtemperaturfähigkeit bis +300 °C

Industry-Proven Products

Simple, Versatile Sealing Solutions

The most common type of elastomer seal, o-rings provide cost-effective, flexible sealing solutions across a wide range of demanding applications. The o-ring can be used either as a seal itself or as the energizing element in PTFE, cap-type seals.

Advanced T-Seals for Demanding Applications

If you need a sealing solution with easy assembly, low leakage, and longer service life of your components, Greene Tweed offers a wide range of standard and custom engineered T-seals.

Greene Tweed’s engineers will work with you to develop a custom designed T-seal assembly suited to your needs.

Versatile Sealing and Scraping for Demanding Aerospace Environments

MSE® metal spring energized seals are custom designed with a dual-lip body for superior performance in the most demanding conditions.

  • High pressure or low pressure requirements, from vacuum up to 30,000 psi (2,070 bar) plus
  • Large temperature variation, Cryogenic to 550°F (288°C)

Versatile Sealing and Scraping for Demanding Aerospace Environments

For applications requiring specialized elastomeric and/or thermoplastic properties, Greene Tweed's V-rings, adapters, and seal stacks are your best bet. These customizable, high strength sealing solutions are available in several compounds and combinations designed to withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and other damaging contaminants.